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Did you know that a California home without a security system is more likely to be broken into than a home with a security system?

Entering your home security codeIn fact, the actual statistics show that there is a range from two to three times more often, depending on the value of the home. And a business without an electronic security system is almost five times more likely to be burglarized than a business with an alarm system.

And home security systems don't offer just protection from burglary and intruders. Many systems also offer monitoring of fire, smoke, loss of heat, flooding, arrivals of kids getting home from school and one-touch medical emergency alerts.

Our Top Choice for a Home Security System in Long Beach, CA is...

Protect Your Home - ADT
Protect Your Home outfits your home with a professional ADT Monitored Home Security System. You can rest assured that your home and family are protected 24/7.

You get 24-hour monitoring, low installation charge, and a money-back guarantee.

By installing an ADT-Monitored system, you may save on your homeowner's insurance too.

You Can Call Them Here: 844-293-2846

Call Now: 844-293-2846

Our 2nd choice for Long Beach, CA alarm monitoring is Protect America.

The home security system packages from Protect America combine great prices with top equipment. That's why they are a Consumer Digest Best Buy.

The difference between this company and most others is that the homeowner needs to do the installation of the system. Everything is wireless, so it isn't that hard.

• Protect America provides a complete home security system at an affordable cost.
• They offer 24-hour monitoring service.
• They have a lifetime alarm system replacement parts warranty.
• Your security monitoring rate is locked-in and guaranteed.
• They use state-of-the-art UL listed security equipment.

Call Now: 844-293-2846

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Long Beach security companies where you can find an assortment of recommended security companies to safeguard your home or business from fire, emergencies and intruders. Before you make a decision, you could consider the opinions of other local consumers on the service companies they have hired in the past.
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Brink's Home Security has been a trusted name in the security industry for years. Brink's was one of the first to provide decent-quality, monitored alarm systems available to a majority of homeowners.
APX Alarm Security Solutions is a company fully-licensed to provide installation, maintenance and alarm monitoring. APX Alarm operations fully comply with all required regulations and meet the industry's highest standards.
ADT is one of the largest alarm and security providers in the country. Millions of people trust ADT for their home and business alarm protection.
You can learn about this kind of alarm and monitoring services in other areas by going to Long Island Home Security.

Protect your identity along with your home. Fraud and identity theft protection is important.

Keeping your personal, private details secure is just as important as keeping your home secure. You can check up on yourself by going through Background Check Software. You can learn all about details from companies such as Find Out the Truth or this one.

And if you're a business that hires people, you can learn about someone's public background before you hire them. Visit EBS.net. Services such as Intelius can assist you with that.

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